Manufacturer Service Recommendations

Confused about which services you need and when? We have the manufacturer's recommended service schedules, also known as factory scheduled maintenance, for most vehicles online! Choose your vehicle year, make, model, engine, driving conditions and mileage below:*

Don't forget to change your oil every 3,000 miles.
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*Subject to availability. Manufacturer service recommendations, or factory scheduled maintenance, is the regular schedule of services that manufacturers recommend to keep your vehicle running properly and safely. Following the manufacturer service recommendations can help extend the life of your car and prevent high-cost auto repairs. Maintenance schedules vary by vehicle, driving style, and driving conditions. Most manufacturers divide maintenance schedules into "normal" and "severe" driving conditions. Below is a general description of normal and severe service conditions. Please consult your owner's manual for your vehicle's specific service conditions and service recommendations.

"Severe" Service Conditions:
  • Take short trips of less than 10 miles.
  • Drive in heavy traffic with many stops and starts.
  • Drive at high rates of speed.
  • Tow heavy loads or drive off-road.
  • Drive in dusty conditions.
  • Drive in extremely cold or extremely hot climates.
"Normal" Service Conditions:
  • Trips of 10 miles or more.
  • Sustained speeds of 50 to 75 miles an hour.
  • Driving in low-traffic situations with few stops and starts.
  • Ambient temperatures above freezing and below 95 degrees Fahrenheit.
This information is compiled from third party sources and is for your informational purposes only. This information is offered on an "as is" basis. SpeeDee does not warrant or make any representations regarding the use of or the results of the use of this information. Actual manufacturer service recommendations may differ based on several factors including driving habits and conditions. Consult your vehicles owner's manual for further information.
Every SpeeDee 17 Point Oil Change includes a courtesy check and a service presentation of the manufacturer's recommended services for your vehicle - without pressure or overselling.