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SpeeDee Cooling System / Radiator Service

SpeeDee Cooling System Service
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Keep your cool with SpeeDee!
Your cooling system and radiator are critical to the life of your car's engine. At SpeeDee Oil Change & Auto Service, our trained technicians service these systems to prevent your engine from freezing in the winter and over-heating in the summer.

SpeeDee cooling system services:

Cooling System Fluid Exchange:
  • Exchange, clean, and fill radiator with proper mixture of new coolant/antifreeze fluid
    (up to 14 quarts)
  • Inspect and pressure test radiator cap
  • Inspect belts and hoses for wear and deterioration
  • Inspect cooling system components
  • Extended-life coolant available
Cooling system services provide the following benefits:
  • Helps prevent engine over-heating during hot weather and in slow moving traffic - especially with A/C in use
  • Helps prevent engine freezing in cold weather conditions
  • Helps provide rust and corrosion protection to radiator cooling system components
  • Helps extend life of engine and cooling system components
  • Helps restore freezing and boiling point protection
NOTE: Services vary by location. Please call ahead to ensure the services you require are available at your local SpeeDee Oil Change & Auto Service center.
Every SpeeDee 17 Point Oil Change includes a courtesy check and a service presentation of the manufacturer's recommended services for your vehicle - without pressure or overselling.