A SpeeDee look at everything you need to know about smog checks!

What’s the point of a smog check?

Smog checks are required in states or areas with historically high air pollution, or smog. That’s why states and many counties/jurisdictions have their own testing requirements. So, while it may seem like a hassle, smog checks help to ensure that the air you breathe is clean. And that’s a good thing!


What is a smog check?

Sometimes called a “smog test” or “emission check”, it’s really pretty simple. It’s a test of your vehicle and its engine emissions, performed at a licensed SpeeDee Oil Change & Auto Service® smog testing facility.

Do you need to get a smog check?

That depends. Not only do the requirements vary by state/municipality, they also vary by vehicle. Some states have no requirements governing vehicle emissions, but some states, like California, have rather rigorous requirements.

Ways to determine if you need a smog check:

  • If your vehicle registration renewal notice says “Smog Certification Required” or “Emissions Test Required”, you definitely need to get a smog check.
  • Contact your local licensed SpeeDee for your state or municipality inspection requirements and offerings.
  • Check your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) website.

Many SpeeDee locations are state-licensed and STAR-certified Smog Check stations… just one more way we help you breathe easier!

We make the process as quick and simple as possible. If you need an emissions test or California Smog Check, come by your local licensed SpeeDee today.