A SpeeDee look at everything you

need to know about tires!

When your tires aren’t right, chances are your driving experience isn’t either. Our technicians will make your ride smooth and quiet again. In addition to repairing, rotating and balancing tires, we sell and install brand name tires, making SpeeDee your one-stop tire shop.

New Tires

How often do you need to get new tires?

The first thing to consider is that the two parts most related to/responsible for a vehicle’s safety (and the safety of its passengers) are brakes and tires. So whenever there’s a question, err on the side of caution and go for the new tires. Your safety literally depends on them. A good guideline to remember is: buy new tires every 40,000 miles, every 4 years, or when a tire is damaged beyond repair. The more complete answer is that it depends on the climate where you drive, your driving style, and how well you maintain your tires.

The important thing is not to wait too long – don’t risk your safety by driving on dangerously worn tires. An estimated 11,000 tire-related crashes occur in the United States every year, and about 200 people die as a consequence of those crashes. Don’t be a statistic. Start thinking about what tires you’re going to buy well ahead of the point of danger.

How do you choose which new tires you should buy?

The easiest thing to do is just purchase the same kind of tires that came on your vehicle when it was new (the “original equipment”).

If you’re looking to switch to a new kind of tire for your vehicle, take into consideration factors like the climate where you’ll be driving. Those who drive in Los Angeles may require a different kind of tire than those who drive in Colorado or Michigan.

Shopping for new tires can be a little overwhelming, but it’s a necessary part of keeping your vehicle functioning smoothly and keeping you safe.

Do online research on what sort of tires fit your vehicle, or better yet, stop in at your local SpeeDee location and let our SpeeDee Performance Certified technicians help you decide what’s best for you and your vehicle.

Do you have to buy all four tires at the same time?

While it is recommended, buying all four tires at once isn’t always possible, so tires can be bought in pairs if necessary. It’s not a good idea to replace just one tire, as the difference in tread depth can throw off your vehicle’s performance.

Tire Maintenance & Repairs

What can you do to make your tires last as long as possible?

Check the tire pressure monthly and adjust according to the pressure recommended by your vehicle. If your TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) light illuminates, it indicates your tire pressure is too low or too high. We’ll get you back to the proper level of inflation and reset any sensors, as needed.

Have the tires rotated and balanced every 4,000 to 5,000 miles – a good rule of thumb is to do it every time you have your oil changed (SpeeDee Oil Change & Auto Service can do both!) to promote more even and longer wear, especially on front wheel drive vehicles.

Check your vehicle’s alignment twice a year.

When can I just repair a tire instead of replacing it?

If your tire’s been punctured in the tread area, and the puncture is smaller than .25 inch in diameter, it can probably be repaired, and SpeeDee can do that!